Order Status

newNewly created invoice. The shopper has not yet selected payment currency.
pendingShopper selected payment currency. Awaiting payment.
confirmingShopper transferred the payment for the invoice. Awaiting blockchain network confirmation.
paidPayment is confirmed by the network, and has been credited to the merchant. Purchased goods/services can be safely delivered to the shopper.
invalidPayment rejected by the network or was marked invalid due to AML/CTF compliance reasons
expiredShopper did not pay within the required time (default: 20 minutes) and the invoice expired.
canceledShopper canceled the invoice.
refundedPayment was refunded to the shopper. Read more about refunds
partially_refundedPayment was partially refunded to the shopper. Read more about refunds

Order Status Changing Flow

CoinGate Paymnet Statuses flow