Get Outgoing Fees

Get Outgoing Fees. Outgoing fees apply to all outgoing transactions, such as withdrawals, trader orders, and both refund requests and merchant refunds. CoinGate API provides various ways to retrieve these fees based on currency, crypto platform, or specific types of payments. You can use endpoints like api/v2/outgoing_fees to get an array of all enabled fees or filter it further with other parameters to get more specific information.

Request examples:

api/v2/outgoing_feesArray of all enabled outgoing fees
api/v2/outgoing_fees?currency_id=1Array of all enabled outgoing fee by currency. Or empty array.
api/v2/outgoing_fees?crypto_platform_id=1Array of all enabled outgoing fee by crypto platform. Or empty array.
api/v2/outgoing_fees?currency_id=1&crypto_platform_id=1Hash of enabled outgoing fee. Or empty hash
api/v2/outgoing_fees?applied_for=void_transaction&currency_id=1Array of all enabled outgoing fee by currency and payment_kind. Or empty array.


Filtering by currency_id and crypto_platform_id

When filtering by the query parameters currency_id and crypto_platform_id in conjunction, the response will yield a singular Outgoing Fee record hash. For further details, please refer to the provided response example.