Placing created order with pre-selected payment currency (BTC, LTC, ETH, etc). Display payment_address and pay_amount for shopper or redirect to payment_url. Can be used to white-label invoices.


API authentication is required

To create requests within the CoinGate system the user should have an authentication token. To get it, please follow the instructions here.

White-label invoices using Checkout method

Using Checkout method, invoices can be white-labelled and integrated into your website, without redirecting the customer to CoinGate.

This is achieved by pre-selecting BTC, LTC, etc as the payment currency, and retrieving the pay_amount and payment_address parameters. These are sufficient for a customer to complete the payment, as well as to generate a QR code which a customer can scan with a mobile wallet.

You can find out which payment currencies can be used using this list: