Troubleshooting common API or ecommerce integration issues

Unable to create order / unable to send a request to CoinGate API



API credentials used in the wrong environment

Create separate users and separate API credentials for Sandbox ( or Live ( environments

Wrong API credentials

Please check if you have entered them correctly; make sure that there are no spaces before or after the text.

Wrong API credentials signature, invalid order, etc.

You can see the details of a specific API request issue by logging in to your CoinGate account and going to API » Requests

API requests are coming from a different IP address(es) than the IPs that were whitelisted when creating API credentials when creating

If IP whitelisting is desired, log in to your CoinGate account, visit API » Apps and clicking Edit next to your API credentials; make sure the whitelisted IPs match the IPs your requests are coming from

cURL or another library used to communicate with the CoinGate API is working incorrectly, or is outdated

Please check your library version

Your server cannot reach

Check if is available and if your server can reach it (also see Status Page)

You can see your API Request logs by locating API » Requests in the menu of your CoinGate account.

Order status is not updated / CoinGate does not send Payment Callback (Payment Notification)



Your server is on a private network, for example localhost

Make sure that your application is publicly accessible

Your website is disabled or in maintenance mode

Make sure your website is accessible

Your server firewall, third-party security service (Cloudflare, Incapsula, etc.) or your application is blocking CoinGate IP address(es)

Verify that CoinGate IP address(es) are allowed by your server firewall, third-party security services and your application

You can check the specific reason why Payment Callback was not sent by logging in to your CoinGate account and locating API » Payment Callbacks in the menu.