CoinGate API error responses

Most common API error responses are described below. Error response must be identified by HTTP status and reason attribute in your application.

Please note that specific API methods (for example Create Order) have their own errors (e.g. 422 Unprocessable Entity - when order is not valid).

See Common Issues for troubleshooting.

HTTP StatusReasonDescription
401 (Unauthorized)BadCredentialsAPI credentials are not valid
404 (Not Found)PageNotFoundPage, action or record not found
404 (Not Found)RecordNotFoundRecord not found
500 (Internal Server Error)InternalServerErrorSomething wrong in CoinGate
429 (Too Many Requests)RateLimitExceptionAPI request limit is exceeded

Response example:

  "message": "Not found App by Access-Key",
  "reason": "BadCredentials"